Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Taking the necessary steps to get what you want out of life...

This is actually my very first blog post ever! I am so extremely excited to share this with you. Its all about how I look at life and personal achievement. Sure, it sounds all great, but we all know that life doesn't always "deal us the hand we need to win". So what do you do? Throw the hand back in? Statistics show that the most successful people who do meet some failure end up throwing in the hand. Sad, but thats what happens when you meet a wall and cant figure out how to go through or around that darn thing. This is where effective planning comes in.
Now I know that all the self help talk out there is boring and so outrageous, but if you really take the time to sit down and use some of these techniques you will find that THEY REALLY WORK! For example, I wanted to start a blog...so I did. Just that simple. So here are a few of the steps that I took to get this one easy process going:

1. SPEAK IT! The Kings James Holy Bible says (in so many words) that GOD SPOKE THINGS INTO   EXISTENCE. We all have the power to do just the same in our lives. Sharing your motivation with the people around you is the best way to start. Sure there will be adversity, but there will also be those few people who have experience in what you aspire to do. Those are the people who will help "shape events around you to turn your VISION OR THOUGHT into a reality"

2. TAKE ACTION! Now you been talking about what you want to do for days, weeks, months and maybe even years. Its about time you begin to MOVE in the direction of your goals. Collecting data, networking, studying and getting the necessary experience or understanding of what you want to do and why.

3.  PREPARE A PLAN! This is the number one ingredient to success. The famous saying goes, "people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan". This is so true. Think about all the memorable mistakes that you have made in your life and how if you would have just taken the time to  PLAN your moves the RIGHT way, the outcome in your life could have been different. But, its not too late. The great thing about being human and having free will, is that we all have the capacity to turn around and plan things over again. Truth be told, the most successful people have to go over plans hundreds of times until they get thing right; but they NEVER-GIVE-UP.

Whats your strategy or formula for success. I would love to here about it so get back at me. Share your thoughts. Im always willing to listen and learn.

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